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Fees To Increase At Sioux Falls Airport

Kent Osborne SDPB

The Sioux Falls Regional Airport is raising the price of landing fees and rental space for commercial planes and cargo carriers in 2013. But the airports executive director Dan Letellier says passengers won’t see any difference in fees or services.

“It really shouldn’t have any impact on the travelling public, says Letellier. Every year we do evaluation and calculation based on our expenses and revenue, especially directly related to the airlines and to determine an appropriate fee structure to insure that our expenses are maintained.”

Letellier says that the fee hike is related to the addition of over 40% of space on the concourse which needs to be heated and cooled as well as the rising cost of electricity for that space. Letellier goes on to say that in comparison to other airports, Sioux Falls rates are extremely low and that most airlines don’t even bat any eye because the fees are so low.