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Co-op National Foods of Sioux Falls hosts National Food Day


Advocates for natural and healthy food are rallying in Sioux Falls for National Food Day. As SDPB’s Hannah Olsen reports the rally focuses on the nation wide campaign to make food more healthy and affordable.

Co-op Natural Foods of Sioux Falls hosts the event, which also takes place in cities across the country. Food safety along with sustainability programs and anti-hunger efforts are issues that participants seek to address.? Molly Langley is the general manager of Co-op Natural Foods. Langley says making food healthy and affordable is especially important for today’s youth.

"This is nation wide. It has reached a critical point. Doctors, nurses, cities are deeply concerned about the fact that out children are getting sick from what we are feeding them, says Langley. So many diseases are related to lifestyle and food."

Langley says the extreme processing of many foods reduces the nutrition found in their original form. Along with promoting healthy diets National Food Day brings awareness of the need for nutritious foods to be available for people in need of assistance.????
For South Dakota Public Broadcasting, I’m Hannah Olsen in Sioux Falls.?