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Judge Orders Secretary of State to Reprint Ballot Explanation

Circuit court judge Mark Barnett ordered Secretary of State Jason Gant to place an opposing statement on a proposed constitutional amendment in the state’s election guide.

Judge Barnett says Gant broke the law by not including opposition statements on the proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot.

Senator Stan Adelstein brought a lawsuit against Gant asking for the pamphlets to be recalled and for new ones printed.  Adelstein opposes Amendment P now on the Ballot.  He says it weakens the state’s balanced budget requirements.    

The informational pamphlets are available online, hard copies were sent to news outlets and county auditors in late August to help them inform voters.

Earlier Gant stated that he sought people to present opposing views but had no takers.  Gant says in a news release issued shortly after Friday's ruling that he has already started publishing new pamphlets.

In a press release Adelstein called for Gant’s resignation.   He says that 15-thousand absentee ballots have already been cast.