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Thune Tours Fire Prone Area of Rapid City

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Fire officials say now that cooler weather is here it’s a very good time for rural and suburban homeowners in South Dakota to prepare their property for wildfire.  Those pushing for wildfire preparation are getting some help from U.S. Senator John Thune.

This past summer stands as proof that wildfires in places like the Black Hills are more or less inevitable--and officials say preparing for fire can make the difference between losing a home and saving it.  Beyond this there are government programs that can help reduce the cost of cutting and thinning.   U.S Senator John Thune toured a wooded neighborhood in Rapid City where some homeowners are taking action.  Thune says prevention efforts are tax dollars well spent.

“Fire prevention is a lot less expensive than firefighting we’ve seen that across the Black Hills many times over.  If these fuel load reduction measures that are being taken can lessen the risk of a fire in the long run that makes a lot of sense and I think it makes sense not only for the homeowners that could be impacted and all the people in these neighborhoods but also for the American taxpayer,”  says Thune.

But residents note that preventing catastrophic losses during a wildfire requires actions across whole neighborhoods – not just scattered individual homeowners. 

You can find a link to the fire-wise website that provides information for homeowners and communities who want to prepare their property for fire here.