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State Supreme Court Asked to Rule on Hyperion EIS

Three citizens groups are asking the South Dakota Supreme Court to require an assessment of the possible environmental impacts of the Hyperion Oil Refinery before the project goes forward.
The proposed $10-billion dollar refinery in Southeastern South Dakota is among the largest projects ever undertaken in the state.   The State government has issued some permits for the company to move forward on the project.  Yet so far no environmental impact statement has been completed on the facility. 
Gabrielle Sigel an attorney representing three citizens groups in the appeal argues that Hyperion is ignoring state environmental laws.
“What we’re talking about here is Hyperion’s attempt not to apply an unambiguous statute but to eviscerate it- the Environmental Policy Act must have meaning,” says Sigel.
Hyperion attorneys argue that an EIS is going to be completed on this project but that it shouldn’t be related to the air quality permits issued by the state.    After today’s hearing an Hyperion executive reiterated the company’s commitment to go forward with the project and build in South Dakota.