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BHSU Photography Student Featured at Dahl Fine Arts Center

A Black Hills State University Photography student is having his works showcased at the Dahl Fine Arts Center in Rapid City.  Brian Speidel’s photo collection is part of the monthly “Emerging Artists” program.  The event is designed to help artists early in their careers get publicity.

Brian Speidel says his collection is inspired by his days of playing in bands in Rapid City.

“I was trying to focus on music – more particularly metal music, really loud, over-the-top, in-your-face type style.  And so I just wanted to combine my two passions; one of music and one of photography, and come up with an exhibit of work that would portray my ideals about the subject,” says Speidel.

Speidel hosted his reception Wednesday evening at the Dahl.
The “Emerging Artists” program pairs new artists with established ones.