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South Dakota Company Launches Remote Controlled Driverless Ag Tech

Raven Industries released OMNiPOWER that adapts to farm equipment.

A new product line from a South Dakota company enables farming with the touch of a tablet.  

Raven Industries in Sioux Falls is launching two products under its  OMNi brand.  

Nick Langerock is the director of strategic marketing at Raven Industries.    

“OMNi is going to be the brand that represents Raven’s autonomous machines for the ag industry,” Langerock says.  

“So within OMNi, you will have OMNiDRIVE which is our technology that you put on a tractor like a CASE Magnum, CASE IH Magnum or an 8R John Deere tractor and it allows you to autonomously control that tractor pulling a grain cart to sink up with a combine.”   

The other product is OMNiPOWER. It allows farmers to autonomously launch or remotely control machinery from a tablet. OMNiPOWER currently works with spreaders and sprayers.   

Langerock says the products are the latest evolution in autonomous farming.   

“We believe that we’ve been leading ag professionals, you know the farmers and our ag retailers down the path to autonomous machinery for a lot of years through rate control, steering, connectivity and all the things that we see as table stakes for farming practices today,” Langerock says.

Implementing autonomous farming equipment takes more than a few wires. Products from the OMNi brand set farmers back $55,000. 

OMNiDRIVE and OMNiPOWER are available for preorder now. They will be delivered this fall.