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May’s Lunar Eclipse To Show Blood Moon

Blood Moon
This map shows the visibility of the total lunar eclipse in the contiguous U.S. at 7:11 a.m. Eastern time this Wednesday. The total lunar eclipse will be visible everywhere in the Pacific and Mountain time zones, as well as in Texas, Oklahoma, western Kansas, Hawaii and Alaska.

South Dakotans waking up early tomorrow may have the chance to see a total lunar eclipse Wednesday. 

This is the first total lunar eclipse visible in the western United States in about two years. That’s when earth completely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the moon, leaving a temporary, reddish appearance. 

Early risers can see the eclipse starting around 4am CT, 3 MT for about two hours. 

Lunar eclipses are safe to view without eye protection or special precautions.  

NASA predicts the next total lunar eclipse to occur next May. 

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