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In Memoriam: Dr. Don Dailey, Mitchell, SD

While Dr. Don Dailey’s primary profession was dentistry, his life brimmed with passionate pursuits. A stained glass artist who drew his own patterns, Dailey also framed artwork, including Oscar Howe’s traveling art retrospective, and served Mitchell as a city councilperson and as mayor for two terms. “Dad was a lover of history, travel, architecture,” says daughter Anne Dailey of Mitchell. “He had quite an eye for unique things—furniture and art pieces. He and Mom [Mary Lou] had a wonderful, eclectic style in their home. It makes sense he loved Antiques Roadshow so much.”

Dailey, 81, passed away August 28 in Mitchell. SDPB has been a fortunate recipient of many gifts sent in his memory. “As an artist himself, he was a big proponent of the arts,” says Anne, an interior designer in Mitchell. “He thought SDPB was so good about supporting local artists’ endeavors. And SDPB was the basis of his and Mom’s entertainment. Anytime we were sitting at the kitchen counter, doing something, PBS was on.” Dailey also loved music. “Big band, Boston Pops, Cher, Neil Diamond,” says Anne. “He would turn it up nice and loud and Mom would quietly turn it down. Up and down and up and down they went! He and Mom were big fans of everything you do.”

SDPB is thankful to the following who gave gifts in memory of Don Dailey:

Tama W. Backlund

David A. Backlund

Doug Backlund

Kimberly & Ronald Bartels

Lloyd & Shirley Bauder

Brad Bauer

George & Michele Bittner

Catherine Bowar

Lori & Russell Brosz

Brittany Brosz

Lisa M. Brown

Mark & Christine Buche

Celia M. Burkinshaw

Pat Burnham

Randy & Sue Cahoy

Sonya & Steve Clark

Kyle & Melissa Crago Family

Jim & Kim Cross

Anne Dailey

Mary Lou Dailey

Matthew Dailey

Christine Dee

Trish R. Delaney

Kristin Jo Detert

Trevor L. Dierks

Hugh Dodson

Gary & Lind Endorf

Bruce & Ellie Everson

Brad & Karen Feterl

Terry & Cheri Feterl

Doug Fredericks & Amy Evenson Family

Shelly Fredericksen

Larry & Janice Fredericksen

Bill & Judy Geraets

Darin Brye & Mason Geraets

Halvorson Family

Kaydee Harrington

Gary & Mary Heib Family

Harry Hilton

Lois Hilton

Mark & Louire Van Den Hoek

Jan S. Holtkamp

Larry & Janet Holtkamp

Dan & Pam Hotlkamp Family

Ryan & Anne Huber

Al & Shawna Huls

Brad & Carol Johnson

Tim, Sue & Resa Kelly

Christina & Kelly Knutson

Steve, Maureen, Shannon & Korey Koch

Gregory A. Kohlenberg

Julie Koth

Bill & Pam Koupal Family

Dan & Mona Koupal Family

Cathy Krall

Frank & Christine Krohmer

Mike & Debra Kuchera

Lori Kummer

Stacie & Mary Jo Larsen

Scott & Karin Larson

Cynthia Larson-Anderson

Mike Lebrun

Sharon Hopkins, Lisa Mauszycki & Ty Long

Jim & Connie Lynde

Will, Rachel, Emmett, Owen and Adalyn Maeschen

Reggie Martin

Chris, Kimberly, Carter, Carson and Cannon Max

John & Betty McNiel

John Messerli

John & Jeff Miedema Families

Diane Mohrfeld

Doug & Julie Molumby

Don Lura & Jackie Morrison

Ron, Kim, Seth and Emma Muth

Mary & J. Naser

Starette J. Nash

Milo & Kathryn Nelson

Richard Nicolaisen & Bill Nicolaison

Jimmie & Janet Nicolaus

Dale & Barb Odegaard

Jody Odegaard-Smith

Puetz’s & Olsen Family

Lynden & Jana Overweg Family

Glen & Andi Paul Family

Brad & Tamme Pearson

Don & Cindy Petersen Family

Ashley & Kelly Pfeifer

Jayson & Jaclyn Plamp

Karol & Dale Porter

Wayne & Mary Puetz

Rob & Anne Quintal

Kevin & Becky Riggs

Mandy Robinson

Kevin & Beck Roth Family

Tona Rozum

Christeen Scheurenbrand

Deann M Schmidt

John & Debra Scott

Floyd & Kay Shattuck

Dale & Anne Smith

Ryan, Nicole, Hunter & Atlanta Stahle

Harriett & Thomas R. Jean Starr

Rita Steckel

Andrew & Hallie Tate

Marv & Jani Thomas

Jerry & Pam Thomsen

Michael Titze

Judy Titze

Susan Tjarks

Terry Torgerson

Maggi Tweet

Deb Dodson Crownsman & Rod Tweet

Kevin & Cherie Vanorney

Donna, Karen & Carter VanOvershield

Michael Vehle

Jeanne Vold

Gen Weber

Ron Wermers

Stephen J. Wheeler

Sheri Will

Bev Williamson

Reg & Deb Young