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Minnehaha County Finishes To Count Absentee Ballots

Ballot Counting

Minnehaha County officials are pushing to count mailed-in votes. It's one of the last counties in the state to finalize its count.

The state’s most populous county is expected to finish counting more than 39-thousand absentee ballots Wednesday afternoon.

County Auditor Bob Litz says yesterday’s board neglected a step that will delay official county results.

“We thought last that the board that we had, because they left early, had merged everything but they didn’t. So, we’re merging the walk-ins with the mail-ins. We also got the military—we’re re-auditing that because we think there were some mistakes yesterday that kind of compounded, and so that’s what we’re doing.”

Litz says his office hired additional workers on Election Day to organize, open and process ballots. He says the county auditor’s office is operating with fewer employees because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The office is working with 6 out of 11 county workers.