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'Asian Horror Night' combines culture, music & stories

Yi-Chun Lin

This interview originally aired on In the Moment on SDPB Radio.

The Curious Music Collective is hosting "Asian Horror Night" on Saturday, Oct. 21 at Dada Gastropub in Sioux Falls. The night combines ghost stories with live music.

Yi-Chun Lin is the executive and artistic director of the Curious Music Collective, formerly the Sioux Falls Chamber Music Collective. Lawrence Diggs is the storyteller for the evening.

They discuss horror stories as a way to teach moral lessons and what these stories can say about the culture they originated in.

Learn more about "Asian Horror Night."

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.
Ellen Koester is a producer of In the Moment, SDPB's daily news and culture broadcast.