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Adding to your ultimate music library

This week's Fresh Tracks brings two more additions to your ultimate music library. These are the albums and artists we believe you will be listening to 20-30 years from now.

This week's worthy additions include Caroline Polchek's “Desire, I Want to Turn Into You” and Joy Oladokun's “Proof of Life.”

Caroline Polachek

“Desire, I Want to Turn Into You” is Caroline's fourth solo album. Polachek co-wrote and produced music for some music's greatest names including Beyoncé, Travis Scott and others. Some argue this is the best album of Caroline's career.

"Welcome To My Island"

"Bunny Is A Rider"



Joy Oladokun

Joy Oladokun is a singer-songwriter. “Proof of Life” is her fourth studio album. She has collaborated with artists like Brandi Carlile, Lucie Silvas, Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton. She has steadily become a festival draw after appearances at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza.

"We’re All Gonna Die" "

"Sweet Symphony"


Larry, although retired as Assistant General Manager for SDPB, continues to write, host, and do media production and voice work for SDPB.