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Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank (brothers Teague and Ian Alexy) share a common love of American roots music.  They've toured the country since 2005 as to which Teague Alexy says, "It has made us better musicians and heightened our awareness and instincts in playing together."

The Minnesota-based duo (by way of New Jersey) has been a huge part of the Upper Midwest's roots music resurgence.  "We've been able to see the country, meet the people.  We learned the blues in the back woods of Minnesota and took it down south and all around to be sure we had it right.  And, we became American writers along the way," added Alexy.

Hear the Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank from last summer's Sioux River Folk Festival on this week's No Cover, No Minimum Radio.