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Billy Talbot With Ryan Holzer

Billy Talbot

Billy Talbot, a founding member of Crazy Horse along with Danny Whitten and Ralph Molina, began to jam with Neil Young while he was in Buffalo Springfield.  Through decades of recording and touring, Neil Young and Crazy Horse have played some of the most influential music of our time.  Talbot retired from Crazy Horse a few years ago, but remains an active musician and songwriter.  Late one night he made a connection with South Dakota native Ryan Holzer on Myspace which, as Holzer jokes, seems a little dated.  With last October's release of "Dakota," Holzer has now played on two Billy Talbot Band releases as well as the Wolves EP that included Crazy Horse members Talbot, Molina and George Whitsell.  Just a month after the release of "Dakota," Talbot and Holzer performed a moving two-man show at the Matthews Opera House in Spearfish.