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You Knew Me When / Meredith Axelrod

You Knew Me When

This week's No Cover, No Minimum Radio features two national acts that played at the 36th Annual Sioux River Folk Festival presented by the South Dakota Friends of Traditional Music. 

You Knew Me When has been touring constantly since hitting the road in 2012.  The Nashville-based two-piece husband and wife duo (Cie and Karisa Hoover) brags an attractive fusion of folk and indie rock rich with pulsing and stirring beats.  Their latest CD, "We Found Roads," is featured prominently in their set.

The Bay Area's Meredith Axelrod is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has an unflinching dedication to the music of the 78-RPM era.  Her unique style recreates ragtime, tin pan alley, string band, jazz, country, blues and pop standards.

Enjoy these two very different acts' sets from Newton Hills State Park near Canton.