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Dakota Midday: Baladino In Brookings

Baladino performs centuries-old melodies and revels in sound carried to Israel from Spain, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Arabic countries.  With its members hailing from Berlin and Tel Aviv, Baladino offers fresh, deeply authentic interpretations of traditional Jewish Saphardic and Ladino melodies.  During their week-long residency, the group is participating in workshops at South Dakota State University, the Children's Museum, the Brookings School District and the Brookings Activity Center.  A public concert is scheduled for Thursday (10/15) at the Performing Arts Center on the SDSU campus.  Yonnie Dror plays a wide array of wind instruments for Baladino.  He joined Dakota Midday guest host Cara Hetland.

Cara Hetland is the Director of Radio and Journalism Content for South Dakota Public Broadcasting.