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Stanley Cross

Stanley Cross, 2007 

  • Branch of Service: United States Army
  • Military Service: Drafted, 1941

Listen to the following sections by scrolling forward to the timecode.

0:00 - Depression and drought; crop failure; WPA: CCC
1:55 - Drafted; Listened to Hitler's speeches on the radio
5:39 - Pearl Harbor; many ships sank
9:10 - Left for Africa; seasick; submarine attacks
11:52 - Trained for six months; invasion of Italy; lost 8,000 troops 
18:27 - Battle of Anzio 
24:50 - Dig in guns for battle; foxholes; frontline; dirty-deloused often
28:35 - No time to think, protect self; shot thousands of shells 
29:43 - Many close calls; close friend killed
31:37 - Many battles; saved by infantry; found German Nazi flag; many civilians killed by German soldiers; found kids in the cellar; starving kids
37:52 - German people were friendly; SS Soldiers were not 
39:03 - Had Italian friends; enjoyed beautiful churches; many placed destroyed; war terrible
41:58 - Return Home; hard to adjust
46:13 - Close to one German family 
48:53 - Brought back memorabilia from the war 

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Stanley Cross

Images Provided by Stanley Cross

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