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Dakota Midday: Water Safety

American Red Cross

July has proved to be a deathly month on the water in South Dakota. Over the weekend two more people died in separate drowning accidents in Lake Madison and Lake Francis Case near Pickstown. Brian Shawn, regional communications officer for the American Red Cross, says water safety needs to be addressed to prevent future drownings.

“We started a national program, a national campaign really that started  to reduce the drowning rate by over 50 percent in the next 3-5 years because we’ve been that a lot of these drownings can be prevented if everybody  takes the  right precautions," Shawn says. "Unfortunately situations occur that we’re not ready for, that we don’t know how to handle. And I think we need to focus a lot on younger folks, that’s where we want to start it."

Brian Shawn joined Dakota Midday and discussed the importance of water safety and swimming lessons.

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