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Sanford Research receives $6.2 million cancer grant

Sanford Health Research Grant
Sanford Health
Sanford Health
Sanford Health Research Grant

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is awarding more than $6 million in a grant to Sanford Research to study cancer biology.

Sanford’s work offers a unique approach to cancer treatment with a focus on the immune system.

David Pearce, president of Sanford Research, said the grant money will help Sanford's cancer treatment approach.

“Through the trust that’s been instilled in us by the NIH, we’ve been able to create clinical oncology programs to help better understand how different therapies can help our immune systems destroy cancer tumors in humans,” said Pearce.

Sanford Research has been working to create a Center of Biomedical Research for basic science and translational cancer for the past ten years.

Keith Miskimins, a scientist at Sanford Research, said the funding from NIH will provide research building opportunities.

"It will also provide support for shard facilities that are essential for investigators to perform cancer-related studies and studies in other areas of biomedical research," said Miskimins.

Sioux Falls’ Sanford Research lab includes expertise in pediatric brain tumors, osteosarcoma, leukemia, breast cancer, and head and neck cancers.

Evan Walton is an SDPB reporter based in Sioux Falls. Evan holds a Master’s in English Literature from Southern New Hampshire University and was honorably discharged from the United States Army in 2015, where he served for five years as an infantryman.