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State syphilis statistics get serious, up 1,050%

Florida Department of Health
During the first stage of infection, syphilis may appear as sores, known as chancres, on your lips, the tip of your tongue, your gums or at the back of your mouth near your tonsils. They start as small red patches and grow into larger, open sores that can be red, yellow or gray in color.

The South Dakota Department of Health is partnering with a Sioux Falls charity organization to bring syphilis testing to people without homes and low-income individuals.

Cases of diagnosed syphilis in the state are up 1,050% over the last five years. Congenital syphilis rose 700% over the same period. The Department of Health is increasing screening and testing accessibility in response.

That’s where Union Gospel Mission Sioux Falls comes in. The Sioux Falls shelter is opening its doors to the public as a testing site. Anyone who feels the need to get tested is able to under this partnership.

Union Gospel Mission Sioux Falls is the largest emergency shelter in the Sioux Falls area. It provides shelter and meals for over 100 people each night.