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Bill Allowing Video Surveillance in Nursing Homes Moves Forward


A bill to allow video monitoring of residents in assisted living and nursing facilities is moving to the House floor. The bill allows a resident or their family to install a video-only surveillance camera in the resident’s room with consent of the resident’s roommate. The bill also requires the facility be notified and a notice be posted on the resident’s door.

Representative Tina Mulally is the bill’s prime sponsor. She worked with elder-care advocates and other stakeholders over the summer and says this bill could be model legislation for other rural states.

“With House Bill 1056 video monitoring, the burden of a possible loss of income due to work off to travel would be reduced," testifies Mulally. "Or guilt felt by family members for not having routine visiting schedules could be eased by knowing that viewing the daily activities of their loved ones is only a click away.”

After a similar bill failed last year, House Bill 1056 is supported by representatives from Avera, Sanford and Good Samaritan Society, and other groups. There was no opposing testimony.

The House Health and Human Services committee passed the bill unanimously.