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Selby Community Forms Non-Profit to Save Nursing Home

Walworth County Care Center Facebook Page

The nursing home in Selby has served the small community for more than 50 years. When its operators announced plans to pull out of the facility, concerned community members sprang into action to keep the home running. 

The Good Samaritan Society announced plans to end its operation of the facility in Selby in late September, but it gave the community some options. The home could close, the community could temporarily fund the society for one year, or the community could form its own organization to run the home.

Dan Biel is chair of the new Walworth County Care Center Incorporated. He says before forming the non-profit, he and others organized a public meeting in the high school gym to be sure the rest of the community was on board. Biel says more than 400 of the town’s nearly 630 residents showed up in support of saving Selby’s nursing home.

“We decided it’s worth it for not only the 45 people that are residents but the people that work there and our whole community,” says Biel.

Now the community is working to raise half a million dollars to cover costs of the transition. Biel says their goal is to take over operations by December 1st.

He says the local Bank West branch is accepting donations for the non-profit. Other fundraising efforts include an upcoming fish fry and a visiting comedian.

Biel says ensuring the continued operation of the nursing home has brought the Selby community together.

“With the way this whole country’s going where everybody’s split on everything, this is something where everybody’s on the same page and it’s kinda nice to see something like that," says Biel.

The next public meeting to discuss fundraising progress is October 17th at 7 in the Selby High School Gym.