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Workshop Offers Solutions For Trauma And Stress

Courtesy Library of Congress / Public Domain

Psychological trauma and chronic stress can be overwhelming to deal with. But Rapid City’s Youth and Family Services group is joining with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine to provide a free Self-Care Workshop. The goal is to teach people how to move beyond the negative and find the positive in the moment.   

The pioneering approach combines psychological self-care, mind-body techniques, and group support to relieve symptoms of profound psychological trauma and significant stress.

Charlotte Brave Heart lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation and has attended similar workshops. Brave Heart says being centered and In-the-moment is the key to getting past stress.

“Any type of procedure where one can center one’s self and breathe and be present in the moment helps with trauma," explains Brave heart. "So that you’re not reliving the trauma. That you get to be present…in the moment…which is now. Which is a safe place. And then you can work through the other difficulties that you might have.” 

Brave Heart adds that the workshop is also beneficial for those whose family members or spouses suffer with profound psychological trauma or significant stress.


The free Self-Care Workshop is scheduled for today, Thursday, at Rapid City Youth and Family Services, at 120 East Adams Street from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.