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Home security camera captures mountain lion in Sioux Falls

Treed Mountain Lion
Patrick Weimer
Patrick Weimer
Treed Mountain Lion (file photo)

A mountain lion was spotted on home surveillance footage in southwest Sioux Falls, according to the city.

The camera caught the lion on Sunday, and the city said there is no current threat. This sighting was just one day after theMiner County Sheriff's Office announced on Facebook that a mountain lion was seen in Howard.

Mountain lions have been known to pass through the area before, according to Sioux Falls Animal Control.

"GFP has received reports of a mountain lion in southeast South Dakota. GFP staff are working to investigate this sighting," Game, Fish and Parks Communications Manager Nick Harrington said in an email. "Individuals who observe a mountain lion are asked to please report the sighting to their local GFP office or Conservation Officer. As with any wildlife, individuals are reminded to never approach a mountain lion."

Game, Fish and Park's mountain lion response protocol is guiding what actions they decide to take, according to Harrington.

In a Monday press release, the city of Sioux Falls said mountain lion sightings should be reported to 911.

According to the U.S. Forest Service, anyone who sees a mountain lion should not run from it and try to appear larger.

Elizabeth is an intern with South Dakota Public Broadcasting.
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