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EPA approves labeling amendment for dicamba


The Environmental Protection Agency is adjusting the labeling standards of the herbicide dicamba in South Dakota.

The amendment was approved this week. It limits the use of dicamba on crops after June 20. The change was made to lessen the chemical’s drift off the fields, according to the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Dicamba is used to kill certain types of weeds on genetically engineered soybeans. The EPA says it can damage other crops.

The measure was proposed by Dicamba users in consultation with the South Dakota DANR.

“Dicamba products are an important tool our farmers need to protect their crops,” said DANR Secretary Hunter Roberts. “The proposed change allows for their continued use while minimizing the risk of damage caused by off target movement of dicamba products.”

Marissa Brunkhorst is a junior at the University of South Dakota. She is from Hutchinson, Minnesota and is based out of the Vermillion studio.