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Mulberry Overlook re-opens to bring new views to visitors

Marissa Brunkhorst
The Mulberry Bend Overlook is now open after a project to fix accessibility problems.

The Mulberry Bend Overlook brings new views to visitors this summer after its highly anticipated reopening. The park was closed for almost a year to address accessibility problems.

New concrete accessible paths, a new second overlook and the removal of a non-compliant staircase are some of the highlights of the project.

The overlook is near Newcastle, Nebraska, just south of Vermillion on the Missouri River. The site is known for its trail, picturesque views and photo opportunities, and educational displays about the river and wildlife.

Chris Langland, a biological science technician who worked on the project, says the river was a source of inspiration for trail design.

"If you come out here and look, we really don’t have any major straight sections," Langland said. "It’s very flowy. The trail sort of tucks around the hill, and kind of maybe entices you to kind of see what’s around that corner, so it kind of flows and ebbs like the river.”

The Vermillion-Newcastle bridge is a prominent feature of the view from the overlook. Visitors can hear the calls of quail and eagles as they walk the trail.

The park is open to visitors every day from sunrise to sunset.