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Producers want to improve the James River, Rocky Knippling can help

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James River

The Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) works with the USDA to deliver assistance to producers and landowners who are interested in converting some of their lands back into native prairie or setting undeveloped land aside for conservation.

And in South Dakota, the program is targetting some of its effort to clean up the James River.

Rocky Knippling is the RCPP's James River program coordinator—partnering with producers and landowners to clean up the river. He says the financial kick-back is only one of the reasons producers choose to enroll some of their land.

"But most, by-and-large, are wanting to help make an impact in water quality in the James River. So, it works out well for both of us. And we have quite a few tools in our toolbox to customize the practice for them."

How to apply to RCPP

For information on how to apply, visit the How to Apply page.

If you are a producer or landowner interested in participating in an RCPP project, please contact your local USDA service center.