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Dakota Midday: First West River Wind Farm Moves Forward

Stuart Surma

Political leaders meeting at the COP21 U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris are now hashing out an agreement that could further reduce global carbon emissions.  

South Dakota ranks high in potential for wind energy development and the state could play a role in helping the United States meet new lower emissions targets.  Brothers Patrick and John O’Meara with the company Wind Quarry LLC are behind the first large scale wind farm planned for Western South Dakota.    The Willow Creek Wind Energy Facility recently received state approval to move forward.   

The O’Meara bothers sat down for an interview with SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray to talk about their project and the potential for wind energy in South Dakota.

This marks another installment in our series of interviews on energy and the environment.   You can find other interviews in the series in the links below.


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