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USDA Funding to Help Honey Bee Habitat


Honeybees are a backbone of agriculture production. An estimated $15 billion worth of crops are pollinated by honey bees, including more than 130 varieties of fruits and vegetables. But the population of honey bees has been declining in recent years due to such causes as colony collapse disorder.

To help improve the health of honey bees, the USDA has announced over 4 million dollars in technical and financial assistance to help farmers and ranchers improve honey bee habitat. USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is focusing its efforts on five Midwestern states: South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. The assistance provides guidance and support to farmers and ranchers to implement conservation practices that promote safe and diverse food sources for honey bees.

Funding to agriculture producers is through the NRCS Environment Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Jeff Vander Wilt of NRCS South Dakota joined Dakota Midday and discussed the USDA's honey bee habitat funding assistance.

The deadline for applications  is Friday, November. For more information, visit a local USDA service center or click here.