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Consumption Advisories Posted Due to High Mercury Levels in South Dakota Lakes

The state of South Dakota has released new consumption advisories in regards to high mercury levels that maybe found in certain fish. Walleye, bass, northern pike and black crappie are on the list.

Over 16 lakes throughout 14 counties in South Dakota have consumption advisories due to high mercury levels. Pat Snyder is an environmental scientist for the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources. He says the mercury levels are high in certain lakes due to specific conditions.

“A lot has to do with the flooding, the changes in lake elevation over time, the vegetation that’s flooded," Snyder says. "There’s air deposition rates that can alter over time. All of those kind of contribute in to what the particular mercury level in the lake is going to be.”

Snyder says that it is not uncommon to see high mercury levels, but that the lakes that the levels are located in do vary. He says that consumption advisories allow anglers to choose what kind of fish to eat. For adults it is recommended to eat no more than seven ounces of the indicated species.

For a complete list of lakes under a consumption advisory, visit: http://doh.sd.gov/food/Fish-Consumption-Advisories.aspx