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SD Roads Deteriorating

A recent report reveals a segment of South Dakota’s roads are in poor or mediocre condition and one quarter of the state’s bridges are outdated or showing significant deterioration.  The report indicates that many of the state’s bridges aren’t structurally sound and have serious problems with the bridge deck, supports and other major components.  It also shows that nearly one quarter of South Dakota’s major roads are deteriorating. The classification of poor means the roads have ruts, cracks and potholes bad enough they need to be resurfaced or even reconstructed.  On the local level, South Dakota lawmakers recently increased license fees to help counties with highway upkeep, but those funds don’t cover all of the challenges.  Right now, Congress is supplementing the Federal Highway Trust Fund with money from the general fund.  If members of Congress don’t establish a way to fund the program, South Dakota loses $267 million in federal funds for transportation infrastructure starting next fall. SDPB News Reporter Kealey Bultena discussed the latest report on South Dakota's roads.