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State Climatologist Says February Forecast Difficult

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American Meteorological Society

The previous month saw nearly every kind of weather reach South Dakota—from record highs in parts of the state, to several 50 below zero wind chill readings at months end. State Climatologist Dennis Todey says February’s weather is proving a bit tough to predict.

Todey says, "Right now, we don’t have any strong indications toward below or above-average temperatures. But there are some hints about some possible precipitation, and above average precipitation—especially further north and east in the state. So we could start seeing some more precipitation chances that would give us a little more moisture on the ground. So that would be a positive thing.

Certainly as we get along in February, and into the later part of the month and into March, those are the time periods we have opportunities for bigger snowfall events—and not only bigger snowfall events, but have a little more liquid along with them."

Todey says as the Northern Hemisphere turns toward the sun and the Vernal Equinox approaches, the air warms and holds more moisture. He says that gives the region a better chance for precipitation.