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Generous donation secures funds for Teacher Pathway credits

University of South Dakota's Teacher Pathway program receives donation.

The Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation receives a donation to sponsor educators taking part in USD's Teacher Pathway program.

The donation will cover the Teacher Pathway tuition of 148 students in the Sioux Falls School District this semester, according to the university.

Neither the size nor the source of the donation was released.

While Teacher Pathway credits cost significantly less than full tuition, officials say this can still create a financial burden for some students.

Jacqueline Wilber, director of the Center for Student and Professional Services in USD’s School of Education, said the donation provides equal opportunities for all teaching students.

“This donation is a smart and generous investment in our future teachers,” she said.

Veda is an English and journalism major at Augustana University in Sioux Falls. She loves writing and storytelling, and she plans to pursue a career as a journalist after graduation.