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SD Attorney General joins amicus brief on suit challenging LGBTQ topics in school

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley is joining an amicus brief opposing a ruling denying a request to allow students to opt out of LGBTQ+ topics.

A group of parents in Maryland sued a public school over the use of storybooks featuring LGBTQ+ characters. They argued they should be allowed to have their children opt out of that material based on religious grounds.

A federal court ruled against the parents, saying public schools are not obliged to shield students from ideas which are potentially religiously offensive.

An amicus brief in support of the families has been signed by attorneys general in 23 states. Jackley’s statement announcing his involvement in the brief described the case as focusing on parental rights to opt out of sex education.

“South Dakota, like many other states, allows parents to opt-out of certain sensitive classes,” Jackley said. “Parental involvement is key to a strong education system and is an important right for parents in raising and educating their children.”