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Repurposed globes enlighten Aberdeen's O.M. Tiffany Elementary

O.M. Tiffany Elementary Library
Courtesy photo
Aberdeen Public School District
O.M. Tiffany Elementary Library

A recent remodeling project has enlightened the O.M. Tiffany Elementary in Aberdeen. The school’s library now features lighting that’s repurposed from recycled globes.

Ben Schnell is Aberdeen Public Schools Director of Operations. He transformed nine globes into light fixtures that hang from the library’s ceiling. 

Schnell said he wanted to do something that would set the room apart from other library spaces. The inspiration came from a photo his wife sent him from Pinterest.

Next on the renovation list is Simmons Elementary. Schnell said he’s already looking for something to repurpose there. 

Krystal is the local host of "All Things Considered."