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Sioux Falls School District hires safety and security coordinator

The Sioux Falls School District has hired a full-time safety and security coordinator.

Superintendent Jane Stavem says it’s a step forward for a growing school district.

“Really what this position is designed for is just to continue moving us forward," Stavem said. "We have all our safety protocols in place, we have lots of training, we have lots of resources, and we want to make sure we have somebody here all day every day who can be on-site when we do our drills. So really it’s just putting additional hands and feet toward making sure everything is operating as we want it to at the school and classroom level.”

Stavem says the position will bolster current practices.

“People have experienced the protocols and they know what we do currently," Stavem said. "So, we just want to continue to become better and better at that and look at best practices, look at where we have gaps that we need to shore up, and that’s also part of this new position.”

The district has over 24,000 students, and Stavem says no two schools are exactly alike.

“Every one of those places is unique. There are some of our buildings where you can stand right outside the office and see virtually end-to-end," Stavem said. "So that’s a way different picture of what it’s like to plan for safe and secure practices there, as opposed to another building where you might not be able to see around the next corner and have three floors.”

Stavem, referencing the elementary school shooting last spring in Uvalde, Texas, said the district is focused on proactive, preventative work.

C.J. Keene is a Rapid City-based journalist covering the legal system, education, and culture