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Measure requiring schools post teaching materials online fails in committee

A legislative measure requiring k-12 schools to post teaching materials online has died in committee. The bill would also require schools to post employee professional development and orientation materials, and a catalog of all books and resources at a school’s library. Under the measure, a school could be sued if it doesn’t comply.

Proponents say it is important for schools to be more transparent and allow parents to review what their kids are taught. Carolyn Hoefler has a child enrolled in the Rapid City School district. Hefler testified in favor of the bill.

“Parents have the moral authority over the education of their children, and we do have a right to see what our children are being taught or encouraged to believe behind closed doors.”

Opponents of the measure say it would require schools and teachers to spend resources, time, and money that they don’t have. They say schools already provide access to curriculum.

Travis Dahle is a teacher in Sioux Falls. He says parents already can discuss with teachers what students are learning in the classroom.

“Our students deserve to have teachers who are trusted and empowered to provide the best educational opportunities. Not to have us burnt out with a ton of micromanaging paperwork.”

The House Education Committee voted 10 to 4 to table the bill, essentially killing it.