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History In Civics Education In South Dakota

Education Policy

SDPB's In the Moment has spent the month of July spotlighting what we called "Summer School." And we've talked a lot about Critical Race Theory in that context. 

We also talked about the regular revision of statewide Social Studies standards. And we explored some really tough elements of our history. Manifest Destiny. Government Boarding schools. The politics of patriotism and education. We also got to know people who are sharing the story of our history with students and with visitors from around the world. 

We're going to recap a bit today with just a sprinkling of highlights from the month ... but Two notes before we get started:  

First: Careful listeners might note both the passion and the delicacy with which our guests often tackle difficult questions on the air. You hear a lot of deep breaths. Pauses. Artful weaving of words. Not a bad thing to pay attention to. 

Second: Asking hard questions, when done properly, can bring people together, celebrate the best of who we are, reckon with the worst parts of our nature, and ... if we're very lucky and very persistent ... make South Dakota a better place for everyone. 

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