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SDPB Educational Resources Inspire Creativity

Zitkála Šá by Esperanza Monteleaux of Pine Ridge.

SDPB and PBS provide free educational materials and events for learners from Pre-K though High School.

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In October SDPB hosted a live screening and Q & A of Unladylike2020 Zitkála Šá. Students at Little Wound School in Pine Ridge joined SDPB for the screening and student Esperanza Monteleaux was inspired to create her own painting of Zitkála Šá.

SDPB produces learning materials that become part of the national PBS Learning Media resources. Artist Dick Termes shared a letter he recieved from an educator who uses the SDPB Series Art Basics with Dick Termes in the classroom:

Hello Mr. Termes,

I am an art educator in an urban school. Covid-19 has caused me to reevaluate the way I teach. I have been teaching a drawing class to high school students for 22 years, and I have always taught how I was taught, by drawing through observation. Right now the tables in my class are bisected by plexiglass barriers, there is little room for students and it is impossible to teach to draw from observation.

I always start with the basic shapes (cube, cylinder, sphere, cone) and I was worried about how I would teach this with the limitations I was facing. I stumbled upon your PBS series while exploring my options and I am so happy I did. It is making teaching basic drawing under the conditions we’re in possible, and it is providing help for students who have opted to stay home. THANK YOU! Your method of teaching is so direct, especially with students who have confidence issues. I am experiencing a lot of success using it (and they are having so much fun doing the work).

As an artist I feel like I have been pushing observation for so long, I have negelected the creative aspect of drawing. More than ever in this digital age, kids need a creative outlet. Thanks so much. I am so glad I found your work and it has made teaching during this pandemic a bit more bearable. Have a great day.
- Rich D., Westhaven, CT