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Dakota State University Alters Move-In Plans Amid COVID-19

Dakota State University in Madison will offer students an expanded move-in window to limit the number of people in residence halls. That’s just once of the adjustments to prevent coronavirus transmission when students return to campus. 

Classes at Dakota State University and all other public universities will begin a little earlier than usual with the first day on Wednesday, August 19th.

Move-in weekend at DSU will last from Saturday the 15th through Tuesday, the day before classes start. Students must sign up for a one-hour move-in time and have no more than two adults help them. 

Jim Jacobsen is the vice president for student affairs at DSU. He says students aren’t limited to those four move-in days. 

“We’re going to allow students to move in as early as August 1st," he says.

Students who take advantage of early move-in are subject to the same restrictions and Jacobsen says they can’t stay on campus. Their keycard won’t be activated until move-in weekend. 

“That early move in is going to focus on—they can get their belongings moved into their dorm room but they’ll have to return home, and then come back to campus for the start of the semester.”

Jacobsen says DSU has other precautions in place against COVID-19. Cleaning will increase around campus and common areas will have less furniture to encourage social distancing. 

“We’re also going to be providing some education for students during orientation on ways they can not only keep themselves safe but also help keep the campus community and the Madison community safe," he explains.

As for the use of masks or other face coverings on campus, Jacobsen says, “We are going to strongly encourage our students to wear masks, but we don’t believe we can require it."

Jacobsen says DSU will send students more information on selecting a move-in time next month.