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Speaker Haugaard's Perspective On Pre K

Josh Haiar

In The Moment .. September 17, 2019 Show 660 Hour 2

When House Bill 1175 died in the last legislative session in Pierre, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader followed with a harshly worded editorial. HB 1175 would have created an Early Learning Advisory Council.

Quoting the Argus Leader editorial piece, "Too often, our state sacrifices enormous potential long-term returns at the altar of miserliness masquerading as 'fiscal responsibility.' We make decisions on the exclusive basis of firmly held beliefs rather than facts, figures and precedence."
Representative Erin Healy was the primary sponsor of HB 1175. 
House Speaker Steve Haugaard spoke against the bill. As we continue our month-long coverage of Pre-K in South Dakota, Speaker Haugaard joins us to share another side in the Pre-K discussion - and to visit about where he sees the conversation going in the future, which could include the 2020 session in Pierre.


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Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.