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South Dakota Chat Pack

Paul Lowrie, co-creator of Chat Pack, joins the program to talk about his creative and thought-provoking cards. With a little box of cards called "South Dakota Chat Pack: Fun Questions to Spark South Dakota Conversations," South Dakotans have the perfect excuse to engage in some entertaining and enlightening conversations about the Mount Rushmore State. The conveniently small plastic container holds 156 cards, each one featuring a fun question that will get people of all ages chatting about a topic related to South Dakota. Paul Lowrie and Bret Nicholaus, co-publishers of South Dakota Chat Pack, have been writing creative, thought-provoking questions since college graduation 20 years ago. Affectionately known as the Question Guys, the two business partners have written nearly 4,500 questions, but this year marks the first time they have generated state-themed questions.