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Sioux Falls reports record highs in overdose deaths and seized fentanyl

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City of Sioux Falls

The Sioux Falls Police Department reports record amounts of overdose deaths and fentanyl seized in 2021, while several other crimes decreased in frequency.

The department seized 2,028 grams of fentanyl in 2021, after seizing 308 grams in 2020. There were 29 overdose deaths in the city in 2021. The previous high was 28 in 2019. 

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Sioux Falls Police Chief Jon Thum presented statistics Tuesday on crimes since the year 2019.  Thum said homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault, robbery and vandalism dropped in the year 2021 compared to 2020. 

Unfortunately, crimes including rape, burglary, stolen vehicles, and larceny rose compared to 2020.  Thum said the rise was on track with the population increase during the same time frame. 

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Thum called upon the Sioux Falls community to be proactive in the fight against drugs and crime.

“We want to make sure we communicate with the public to dispel any myths or rumors, but also be transparent with the numbers that we see, because if the community doesn’t know what is happening, then they cannot take proactive steps," Thum said.

The department also stressed people checking to make sure their cars are locked at night.