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Crime & Courts

Overdoses on track for record year in Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Police Chief Jon Thum says many crime categories are declining in 2021. Violent crimes, homicides, robberies and vandalism all saw a drop; however, burglaries, stolen vehicles and larceny are up.

Thum says people need to take care of their cars.

“Every night at 10 o'clock we ask the people of Sioux Falls to check your car keys, make sure they are not in your car, lock your cars, and help us put these numbers down.”

The police department seized more fentanyl and methamphetamines last year. With all the seized drugs, 2021 is positioned to become a record-breaking year for overdose deaths.

“This is where community partners, family members identify issues that are out there and act early to intercede and make sure we are able to see these deaths go down," Thum says.

The city is on track for a population increase. The number of residents is predicted to hit 251,000 by 2040. Mayor Paul TenHaken says community safety makes the city desirable.

“There’s a variety of reasons in the last 18 months that have brought people here, but one of them is certainly how safe this community is to live and raise a family.”

With the rise in population, Chief Thum says the department will work to train more officers.