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Reading Adventures

Ask kids to choose a story. Pick one of these three levels and enjoy:

Discover Words

  • Focus on the letters and the basic sounds in each word (“What letter or sound does this word start with?”).
  • Focus on the pictures (“Can you find the circles in this picture?” or “What colors do you see here?”).
  • Help kids figure out what the words mean (“What do you see in this picture?”).


Explore More

  • Focus on the basic storyline. Ask questions such as “What is happening here?”
  • Help children predict what might happen next (“What do you think Elmo might do next?” or “What do you want to happen next?”).


Story Time

  • Read the story once, then start again and ask kids to “read” the story to you in their own words.
  • Ask children to add on to the story (“What do you think happens after this story ends?” or “What if this weren’t the end? What might happen next?”).


All Levels

  • Let children control the story experience by clicking the arrows to “turn pages” and clicking the words to hear what they mean and see the picture wiggle.
  • Relate the story back to children’s own stories, connecting the main character’s experiences and feelings to their lives.
  • Ask children to tell you about their favorite part of the story.
  • Remember, all stories are reading adventures. Remind kids that stories can take us on adventures to places we’ve never been! When choosing a book, you might say, “What kind of adventure should we go on today?”