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High School Seniors Ask, 'What Will College Look Like Next Fall?'

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The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is giving us all hope that we'll be back to some sense of normal soon, but the pandemic will likely still play a role in what college life looks like next fall.

We asked some high school seniors what questions they have about deciding where to go to school and what college life is like during a pandemic.

To help with answering those questions and sharing some advice, we hear from two current college freshmen, Ayiana Davis Polen at Spelman College in Atlanta and Adam Ahmad at the University of California, Berkeley, and NPR reporter Elissa Nadworny.

In participating regions, you'll also hear from local journalists about what's happening in your community.

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This episode was produced by Connor Donevan, Elissa Nadworny, Brent Baughman, Brianna Scott and Lee Hale. It was edited by Sami Yenigun with help from Lauren Migaki and Wynne Davis. Our executive producer is Cara Tallo.