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Groups Merge To Support Startups In Sioux Falls

Startup Sioux Falls
The new logo for "Startup Sioux Falls"


Two groups have merged to support entrepreneurs and startups in Sioux Falls. 

The Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship will merge with and take the name of Start Up Sioux Falls.   

The nonprofit recently revealed new branding, created a new website and announced plans to move downtown.  

It didn’t make sense for Sioux Falls to have two organizations that focus on supporting startups and entrepreneurs, according to business leader Matt Paulson. 

“We knew we would be stronger if we combined efforts. For the organization to be successful in the future we needed to combine the best aspects of Zeal and the best aspects of Startup Sioux Falls into one organization,” he said.  

Paulson made his comments at a Sioux Falls Rotary Club event on Monday with Brienne Maner, who heads the new Startup Sioux Falls.  

The merger creates a “more streamlined approach to the city’s economics,” Maner said.  

Startup Sioux Falls offers business accelerator, networking and mentorship programs. It also has a co-working space. 

The building is located on the northwest side of Sioux Falls but will move to the downtown area to be more accessible.