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Tanka Bar Makes Top 10 List

Courtesy Native American Natural Foods

The Tanka Bar has been a hit since it was first introduced by Native American Natural Foods, of Kyle, at the Black Hills Pow Wow in 2006. The Lakota natural food company that makes the Tanka Bar is now being nationally recognized for having one of the top ten wholesome foods just for men.

A brief glance at the Native American Natural Foods web site shows glowing reports from Seattle to Afghanistan for the energy bar made from cranberries and prairie-raised buffalo.   

Tanka Bar’s most recent praise is being sung by the Sterling-Rice Group, of Boulder, Colorado. The company specializes in culinary strategy and innovation.

Spokesperson Christie Wood says Sterling-Rice just listed Tanka bar among its Top Ten Wholesome Foods just for men.

“We’re now seeing a proliferation of products with health benefits and packaging that speaks specifically to a male audience,” Woods explains. “Products with high protein, positive nutrition, bold masculine labels. So that’s what led us to Tanka.” 

Christie Wood adds that Tanka Bar’s short ingredient list and minimal processing made it an obvious choice for inclusion in her company’s list of top wholesome foods for men.