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FarmCast Group, Fiontar And R2 Resistance Revolution At SDTBC

Mike Merrell and Curt Ahlmeier of FarmCast Group, Faye M. Wright of Fiontar and Brent Palmer of R2 Resistance Revolution join the program.

FarmCast Group, LLC

FARMCAST's Software Solution enables agricultural producers to automate record keeping and core farm operating processes to save time, grow profits and streamline record management. FARMCAST's solutions reduce the time spent doing book work, looking for past documents and other record keeping while providing innovative solutions that farmers can use to interact with their partners, employees, crop insurance agent, landlords and others. The software has been beta tested by several harvesters and farmers.


The proposed business will convert photographs into models that can be printed on a 3D printer and reproduced in bronze or other material. I see two parts in the business -- first is the front-end process of taking photographs, scanning objects or accepting CAD design; the second is back-end processing which will create the models, print the objects, and handle office functions.

R2 Resistance Revolution

The R2 features a platform that has multiple holes through it which resistance bands of varying thicknesses (which determine the intensity of the resistance) can be threaded. R2 users can customize every aspect of their exercise while achieving an amazing full-body workout that engages the core, focuses on hard-to-reach muscles, and keep the heart rate high. Perfect for everyone from professional athletes to complete beginners, the R2 is also ideal for injury rehabilitation. The R2 is an outstanding addition to any gym, physical therapy center, or private home: its compact size and extraordinary versatility mean that it can easily function as a comprehensive home fitness center.