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As state average gas price nears $4, survey says drivers willing to change habits

 Filling up car with gas

Gas prices have risen to an all-time high nationally, but South Dakota prices are still below the state's record.

The national average is $4.34 per gallon. South Dakota’s average price is $3.98, still short of the state's all-time high of $4.10 set in 2008..

New survey data from AAA found 59% of Americans said they would change their driving habits and lifestyle if gas prices went over $4 per gallon.

Carpooling, combining errands, and shopping and dining out less were popular answers on how survey participants would drive less.

However, just over half of Americans also reported summer travel plans and 42% said they would not consider changing their plans due to gas prices.

Many experts point to Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine for the sharp increase in prices. The national average has risen more than 70 cents since the conflict began two weeks ago.

AAA recommends keeping tires inflated, avoiding peak traffic times, not buying premium gas unless your vehicle requires it, and slowing highway speeds by 5 to 10 miles per hour to reduce fuel use.

The AAA mobile app helps buyers compare gas prices in their area.